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Animal House

This last weekend has been totally about animals.  Well, rodents and insects too. 

 island.jpg     samjulibeach.jpg

First of all, on Saturday we went out to Manitoulin Island.  Beautiful place.  We hit most of the cool spots and spent some time in South Baymouth.  There is a ferry there.  The kids LOVED watching the ferry unload all the cars and then load new ones.  When we first got there Sam discovered a Monarch butterfly had landed on him, and STAYED.  The butterfly stayed on Sam for most of the afternoon, we went in shops, went outside, had lunch, went in more shops, went outside…you get the idea.  People were amazed.  They were looking for the “butterfly boy”  It was kinda like being famous for an afternoon.  Pretty neat, until the butterfly flew away.  We were all kinda sad.

bboy.jpg(Butterfly Boy)

Sally Anne caught her very first frog, who is now living in a vase on our kitchen counter, and who doesn’t like bacon (ask me how I know…)

salbeach.jpg(playing in the sand @ Lake Huron)

stalking.jpg(stalking her pray…)

Juli caught a squirrel.  Yes, you read that right, Dr doolittle that she is.  If you all remember she ALMOST caught one when she was 3, but ended up letting it go because it BIT her.  (Try explaining that one to ER).  Since then she has been on a quest.  Today she conquered the squirrel.  We quickly went to town (45mins) to get a cage, the girl was on cloud 9.  UNTIL…. we tried to place it in its new dwelling and it promptly went right through the bars, but not before the stupid sucker BIT ME!!!  I don’t know who had more tears, Juli or I.  But (of course) mom saved the day.  I called up one of my friends (yes, I have a real live friend now) who just happened to have a hampster she wanted to dispose of.  Tah-Dah!  Instant happiness!  UNTIL that little sucker BIT ME too.  Damn rodents.  So today, I’ve been bitten by a squirrel, a hampster oh, and the damn horse bit me too. 

 stupidsucker.jpg(stupid sucking squirrel)       hamcat.jpg(new hampster)

Phantacy is in heat, and Mr spider (her brother) would be more then happy to ah..pitch in and help her out.  Try and keep two horney horses apart, I dare ya.  Spider was not pleased with my efforts.  Stupid men, umm..I mean horses.

On to other news…

Friday we had a play date, a mom and her 5 kids came to visit, and stayed for 8 hours ( I must be a good hostess)  ALL the kids had fun.  Joe is actually sleeping over at their house tonight.  We haven’t even been here a month and the kids are sleeping over with friends.  I love it when my efforts pay off.  I promised the boys at least two friends within a month, I have surpassed that goal!!  Yay MOM!!  They both still really miss Red Wing, and so do I.  (sniff)  Bloom where you are planted, if only my poor garden would take that advise…  I miss my garden too.

bjbeach1.jpg  (boys at Lake Huron)

Okay, gotta go, I’m gettin all wishy-washy.

moonu.jpg  (I moon-ed You)

Did you notice the full moon tonight?  It was beautiful here.

Miss you!!


Bits and chickens and bags of kids? Eh?

sunset.jpg (another beautiful sunset)

In answer to Penny’s question….. Yes, my ass has been on a horse since we moved.  It just wasn’t one of my horses.  Our horses (actually they are Welsch Ponies) haven’t been broken yet.  I am  s l o w l y  working with them.  In the last 3 weeks I have made great progress.  Fanny and Spider will both take a bridle and let me lead them.  (now if I could only litter box train them…)  We are hoping that by the end of summer we can stick a kid on Fanny and lead her around, Juli can’t wait.

pasture.jpg  (if you look real close you can see Fanny and Phantacy in the pasture)

 Penny…we have spent the last 2 evening rewireing the chicken coop, I will be the egg lady, you know the lady who has the sweet basket of fresh eggs and a sign at the bottom of the driveway.  Sad, very sad.  Maybe I am one egg short of a dozen….  BUT holy cow, eggs are $3 a dozen here, and a laying hen is only $2.  You do the math.  We are getting 11 hens and a nice cock, the chicken lady said he was a beautiful cock, after I spewed my pepsi all over the phone, I replied “Oh, I’ve always wanted a beautiful cock”, she then shocked the shit out of me  when she said “oh Honey, haven’t we all.”  Jeff will be picking up the poultry.  Heehee!

In french chicken fingers are called “digits de poulet”  I thought that was funny.

 hatloft.jpg hay.jpg

Last Tuesday we baled hay, that was fun.  Ben and Joe worked really hard and then I made lunch for all of the guys that helped.  Now we have enough hay for the whole winter.  After Ben and Joe worked so hard baling it, now they spend hours playing in it.  All the kids spent hours in the hayloft building castles today.  This is a strange lifestyle, especally for a girl who has always lived with in walking distance of a gas station….  But hay, I can shovel shit real good now!  After the kids got all dirty and sweaty in the hayloft, I threw them in the pool.  (smart mom)

kidspool2.jpg julipool.jpg

I went into town to get groceries last night and Learned an important lesson:  Bring your own bags!!

Imagine me with my full cart o’ goodies, mostly small items and cans standing there looking around at all the other registars, thinking that my line was just out of bags. Other people had bags, where did they get them from? Finally after two other shoppers (from behind me) pass me carrying their items, I ask “do you have bags?” “Oh Yeah”, the cashier says, but then adds “You have to pay for them” Uggghhhh!!! Why can’t they put a sign on the door saying something like, idunno, “bring your own bags!”  I pushed my cart out and just threw it all in the back seat. I’ll probably have lovely smells seeping out from under my seats in the next day or so….


for those wondering:  Here is my house….


It’s a good thing….

With everything in life its important to find the good in things.  Well, I did!  I can stay in my jammies ALL day long, and no one cares!!  I don’t even have to comb my hair.  Heck, in the begining I couldn’t find my deodorant, but it didn’t matter because the lovely aroma of “farm” worked just as well.  See, I am thinking positively.  I do need to add that I do get dressed to go to the barn, it’s important to look your best for the horses while you are shoveling their shit, and they are snickering behind your back.  (that must be quite a power trip for the horses, yeah, so what if you live in the house and have hot food, you silly humans are still the ones shoveling shit. Ha!)  But, as soon as I am done with “chores” I hop in the shower and PUT MY JAMMIES BACK ON!  I LOVE it!!!  As martha would say:  It’s a good thing….


Is this the same moon you see?


I missed the sunset tonight, but I got the moon.  It’s neat to think that you all saw the same moon, no matter where you are….

Nighty-nighty folks!

Busy weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend, but it was good!  So the guys went to the Harry Potter book release party on Friday.  They ditched the party half way through and went to Canadian Tire (interesting place, kinda like Menards on steroids) and then went back to the party.  When asked if they got the book, they inform me that they don’t like Harry Potter but that the bought a book on fixing bikes… Oh Well….


Saturday:  I got up early and went into Sudbury so I could get FLOWERS, Oh I so miss my garden… When I got back I cleaned the barn and then led Spider and Fanny Andrea around with the bridle and lead rope (this is a huge accomplishment, I’ll share the horse story later) as I was walking from the barn, Jeff’s friend Paul and his family pull up for a visit.  Imagine how sweet I smell….  We had a good visit, and Opal the kitty went home with their daughter.  Jeff was v. happy.  After that we loaded up the van and went to North Bay (about 1.5 hours away) to have supper with Jeff’s parents, and a visit with his sister.  We got back home at about 10:30.

Sunday:  I got up and did the barn chores and worked with the horses a bit while Jeff tamed the jungle to get to the chicken coop, because WE ARE GETTIN CHICKENS


actually we’re getting a dozen laying hens.  Anyone need FARM FRESH eggs??   After all the chores were completed then we took the family into Sudbury.  There was a rock and gem show at the arena, which just happened to be right by a skate park~~Everyone was happy. 


When we got home I planted the flower boxes that line the porch, while Jeff started setting up the pool.          


At 6pm I went back into Sudbury for COFFEE with real, actual people!!  I met about 8 ladies from the Sudbury moms group, we chatted and laughed and I found out where to buy groceries, and I got back home at midnight.  It was fun and now I have a few playdates set up for the kids.  Everyone is happy….




Kids and fun…..

Even though I’ve been feeling kind of “froggy” and “toadaly” lonely, and sometimes like I want to just “croak” from the sheer lifestyle change……


The kids have been having a BLAST!!!!  They are soo busy, they sleep well at night and don’t wake up until at least 8, sometimes even 9 AND they have been eating like horses (no pun intended.)  Here are just a few random pics taken through out the week.


Juli and her new friend Hannah.  Hannah lives accross the yard.  This is Juli’s latest pet “squeaky”.  She named him that because he squeaks.  She was also sharing him with Sally.  Sally is not sure she likes toads…..


Sam drives his jeep alot, it’s a good thing we have two batteries for it.  Juli is such a farm girl, she live in the barn and in the hay.


The farm is the perfect spot for Ben and Joe to live out their dangerous aspirations.  Ben says “look Mom”  Ugghhhh!  I wonder what he does when I am not looking….wait no I don’t.  The boys have also been working really hard at bike jumps, even sam will jump his bike now.  Sam is so happy to be included in “big boy” stuff.  Ben and Joe have been so good with him. 


I actually really love the sunsets here.  The first pic is a foggy sunset, it was just so peaceful.  I watch the sunset while sitting on my porch sipping my mountain dew with NO caffine (sad, very sad)

I’m off to work on boxes AGAIN.  Jeff took ben and joe into Sudbury (30 mins away) for the Harry Potter book party at the big book store.  I am puttin’ the littles to bed and and working hard, well maybe…..

Miss You All!!!

We R here!!

We have moved the Zoo up North, actually CANADA, Eh…  We loaded up all our stuff, the 5 kids plus the 4 cats, and my garden (but we won’t talk about that now) Into my car, grandpa Mark’s van, his trailer, the uhaul, and the uhaul trailer.  We all fit, for the most part….


The trip up was uneventfull, well, for the most part.  We blew a tire on the trailer, but it was fixed and ready to go with in a couple of hours…


We made it to the new house, and unloaded boxes, and boxes, and boxes….


into the dining room…..


the kitchen, the hallway…..


The spare room……

And while we were unloading ALL these boxes…..


Juli unpacked, put away and organized all of her boxes neatly into her new room…

Juli has been in heaven, she LOVES the barn, horses, barn cats, frogs, and blueberry picking patches.

This is the view from our living room:  viewfromfamrm.jpg

And this is spider….the super horse


Eee Iiii Eeee Iiiii Ooooo!!!

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Have a super day, it’s rain here right now the natives are getting restless….