We R here!!

We have moved the Zoo up North, actually CANADA, Eh…  We loaded up all our stuff, the 5 kids plus the 4 cats, and my garden (but we won’t talk about that now) Into my car, grandpa Mark’s van, his trailer, the uhaul, and the uhaul trailer.  We all fit, for the most part….


The trip up was uneventfull, well, for the most part.  We blew a tire on the trailer, but it was fixed and ready to go with in a couple of hours…


We made it to the new house, and unloaded boxes, and boxes, and boxes….


into the dining room…..


the kitchen, the hallway…..


The spare room……

And while we were unloading ALL these boxes…..


Juli unpacked, put away and organized all of her boxes neatly into her new room…

Juli has been in heaven, she LOVES the barn, horses, barn cats, frogs, and blueberry picking patches.

This is the view from our living room:  viewfromfamrm.jpg

And this is spider….the super horse


Eee Iiii Eeee Iiiii Ooooo!!!

you can click on the small pictures to see a larger size

You can leave comments in the comment section

You can email me with any questions

Have a super day, it’s rain here right now the natives are getting restless….

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