Kids and fun…..

Even though I’ve been feeling kind of “froggy” and “toadaly” lonely, and sometimes like I want to just “croak” from the sheer lifestyle change……


The kids have been having a BLAST!!!!  They are soo busy, they sleep well at night and don’t wake up until at least 8, sometimes even 9 AND they have been eating like horses (no pun intended.)  Here are just a few random pics taken through out the week.


Juli and her new friend Hannah.  Hannah lives accross the yard.  This is Juli’s latest pet “squeaky”.  She named him that because he squeaks.  She was also sharing him with Sally.  Sally is not sure she likes toads…..


Sam drives his jeep alot, it’s a good thing we have two batteries for it.  Juli is such a farm girl, she live in the barn and in the hay.


The farm is the perfect spot for Ben and Joe to live out their dangerous aspirations.  Ben says “look Mom”  Ugghhhh!  I wonder what he does when I am not looking….wait no I don’t.  The boys have also been working really hard at bike jumps, even sam will jump his bike now.  Sam is so happy to be included in “big boy” stuff.  Ben and Joe have been so good with him. 


I actually really love the sunsets here.  The first pic is a foggy sunset, it was just so peaceful.  I watch the sunset while sitting on my porch sipping my mountain dew with NO caffine (sad, very sad)

I’m off to work on boxes AGAIN.  Jeff took ben and joe into Sudbury (30 mins away) for the Harry Potter book party at the big book store.  I am puttin’ the littles to bed and and working hard, well maybe…..

Miss You All!!!

2 responses to “Kids and fun…..

  1. Boo Hoo! I am crying cause I miss you. But those sunsets are to die for and I am jealous that you are out in the country and I am not. Live the dream for both of us okay?! I miss your smile and your laugh. Hope all is going good. What’s the deal with the Mountain Dew w/o caffeine????

  2. Hey there girl!
    It feels so strange that you are gone. We miss you! I will make some addressed and stamped envelopes and maybe Loren and Julie can write. I have to say that it does look like paradise for the kids. Laura, I have no doubt that you will whoop things up around there. You’ll get some party started up there eh? It stills seems surreal that the Hunts are not in the “hood” anymore.
    Love you so much! Jen

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