Busy weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend, but it was good!  So the guys went to the Harry Potter book release party on Friday.  They ditched the party half way through and went to Canadian Tire (interesting place, kinda like Menards on steroids) and then went back to the party.  When asked if they got the book, they inform me that they don’t like Harry Potter but that the bought a book on fixing bikes… Oh Well….


Saturday:  I got up early and went into Sudbury so I could get FLOWERS, Oh I so miss my garden… When I got back I cleaned the barn and then led Spider and Fanny Andrea around with the bridle and lead rope (this is a huge accomplishment, I’ll share the horse story later) as I was walking from the barn, Jeff’s friend Paul and his family pull up for a visit.  Imagine how sweet I smell….  We had a good visit, and Opal the kitty went home with their daughter.  Jeff was v. happy.  After that we loaded up the van and went to North Bay (about 1.5 hours away) to have supper with Jeff’s parents, and a visit with his sister.  We got back home at about 10:30.

Sunday:  I got up and did the barn chores and worked with the horses a bit while Jeff tamed the jungle to get to the chicken coop, because WE ARE GETTIN CHICKENS


actually we’re getting a dozen laying hens.  Anyone need FARM FRESH eggs??   After all the chores were completed then we took the family into Sudbury.  There was a rock and gem show at the arena, which just happened to be right by a skate park~~Everyone was happy. 


When we got home I planted the flower boxes that line the porch, while Jeff started setting up the pool.          


At 6pm I went back into Sudbury for COFFEE with real, actual people!!  I met about 8 ladies from the Sudbury moms group, we chatted and laughed and I found out where to buy groceries, and I got back home at midnight.  It was fun and now I have a few playdates set up for the kids.  Everyone is happy….





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