Bits and chickens and bags of kids? Eh?

sunset.jpg (another beautiful sunset)

In answer to Penny’s question….. Yes, my ass has been on a horse since we moved.  It just wasn’t one of my horses.  Our horses (actually they are Welsch Ponies) haven’t been broken yet.  I am  s l o w l y  working with them.  In the last 3 weeks I have made great progress.  Fanny and Spider will both take a bridle and let me lead them.  (now if I could only litter box train them…)  We are hoping that by the end of summer we can stick a kid on Fanny and lead her around, Juli can’t wait.

pasture.jpg  (if you look real close you can see Fanny and Phantacy in the pasture)

 Penny…we have spent the last 2 evening rewireing the chicken coop, I will be the egg lady, you know the lady who has the sweet basket of fresh eggs and a sign at the bottom of the driveway.  Sad, very sad.  Maybe I am one egg short of a dozen….  BUT holy cow, eggs are $3 a dozen here, and a laying hen is only $2.  You do the math.  We are getting 11 hens and a nice cock, the chicken lady said he was a beautiful cock, after I spewed my pepsi all over the phone, I replied “Oh, I’ve always wanted a beautiful cock”, she then shocked the shit out of me  when she said “oh Honey, haven’t we all.”  Jeff will be picking up the poultry.  Heehee!

In french chicken fingers are called “digits de poulet”  I thought that was funny.

 hatloft.jpg hay.jpg

Last Tuesday we baled hay, that was fun.  Ben and Joe worked really hard and then I made lunch for all of the guys that helped.  Now we have enough hay for the whole winter.  After Ben and Joe worked so hard baling it, now they spend hours playing in it.  All the kids spent hours in the hayloft building castles today.  This is a strange lifestyle, especally for a girl who has always lived with in walking distance of a gas station….  But hay, I can shovel shit real good now!  After the kids got all dirty and sweaty in the hayloft, I threw them in the pool.  (smart mom)

kidspool2.jpg julipool.jpg

I went into town to get groceries last night and Learned an important lesson:  Bring your own bags!!

Imagine me with my full cart o’ goodies, mostly small items and cans standing there looking around at all the other registars, thinking that my line was just out of bags. Other people had bags, where did they get them from? Finally after two other shoppers (from behind me) pass me carrying their items, I ask “do you have bags?” “Oh Yeah”, the cashier says, but then adds “You have to pay for them” Uggghhhh!!! Why can’t they put a sign on the door saying something like, idunno, “bring your own bags!”  I pushed my cart out and just threw it all in the back seat. I’ll probably have lovely smells seeping out from under my seats in the next day or so….


for those wondering:  Here is my house….


One response to “Bits and chickens and bags of kids? Eh?

  1. Laura, I’m so glad I rediscovered your site. I have just been smiling and laughing as I read all through it. The writing style is just really you. For the past couple of months I have been feeling very adrift because I used to go to the Bat-Girl web site every day. (I love my MN Twins you know). Bat-Girl had a wonderful sassy way of writing that could make me laugh and see the sunny side of life even when bad things happened (like horrible baseball games). Then she went and had a baby so had to quit the blog. You have that same “gift”. Thank you for sharing all of your joys and lonlinesses too. I miss you greatly even though I usually only saw you once a month.

    Love, Jean

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