It’s a good thing….

With everything in life its important to find the good in things.  Well, I did!  I can stay in my jammies ALL day long, and no one cares!!  I don’t even have to comb my hair.  Heck, in the begining I couldn’t find my deodorant, but it didn’t matter because the lovely aroma of “farm” worked just as well.  See, I am thinking positively.  I do need to add that I do get dressed to go to the barn, it’s important to look your best for the horses while you are shoveling their shit, and they are snickering behind your back.  (that must be quite a power trip for the horses, yeah, so what if you live in the house and have hot food, you silly humans are still the ones shoveling shit. Ha!)  But, as soon as I am done with “chores” I hop in the shower and PUT MY JAMMIES BACK ON!  I LOVE it!!!  As martha would say:  It’s a good thing….



One response to “It’s a good thing….

  1. OMG!! I can so not see you shoveling horseshit! Thats too funny! You, a “farmgirl”!!! LOL Have you got your ass on the horse yet…that is the question??? Hope all is well! It is so nice that you have this site, it is nice to know what is going on with you guys! Miss you already! Is it hot up there? It has been here!! TTYL! Love ya’ll! Penny

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