Animal House

This last weekend has been totally about animals.  Well, rodents and insects too. 

 island.jpg     samjulibeach.jpg

First of all, on Saturday we went out to Manitoulin Island.  Beautiful place.  We hit most of the cool spots and spent some time in South Baymouth.  There is a ferry there.  The kids LOVED watching the ferry unload all the cars and then load new ones.  When we first got there Sam discovered a Monarch butterfly had landed on him, and STAYED.  The butterfly stayed on Sam for most of the afternoon, we went in shops, went outside, had lunch, went in more shops, went outside…you get the idea.  People were amazed.  They were looking for the “butterfly boy”  It was kinda like being famous for an afternoon.  Pretty neat, until the butterfly flew away.  We were all kinda sad.

bboy.jpg(Butterfly Boy)

Sally Anne caught her very first frog, who is now living in a vase on our kitchen counter, and who doesn’t like bacon (ask me how I know…)

salbeach.jpg(playing in the sand @ Lake Huron)

stalking.jpg(stalking her pray…)

Juli caught a squirrel.  Yes, you read that right, Dr doolittle that she is.  If you all remember she ALMOST caught one when she was 3, but ended up letting it go because it BIT her.  (Try explaining that one to ER).  Since then she has been on a quest.  Today she conquered the squirrel.  We quickly went to town (45mins) to get a cage, the girl was on cloud 9.  UNTIL…. we tried to place it in its new dwelling and it promptly went right through the bars, but not before the stupid sucker BIT ME!!!  I don’t know who had more tears, Juli or I.  But (of course) mom saved the day.  I called up one of my friends (yes, I have a real live friend now) who just happened to have a hampster she wanted to dispose of.  Tah-Dah!  Instant happiness!  UNTIL that little sucker BIT ME too.  Damn rodents.  So today, I’ve been bitten by a squirrel, a hampster oh, and the damn horse bit me too. 

 stupidsucker.jpg(stupid sucking squirrel)       hamcat.jpg(new hampster)

Phantacy is in heat, and Mr spider (her brother) would be more then happy to ah..pitch in and help her out.  Try and keep two horney horses apart, I dare ya.  Spider was not pleased with my efforts.  Stupid men, umm..I mean horses.

On to other news…

Friday we had a play date, a mom and her 5 kids came to visit, and stayed for 8 hours ( I must be a good hostess)  ALL the kids had fun.  Joe is actually sleeping over at their house tonight.  We haven’t even been here a month and the kids are sleeping over with friends.  I love it when my efforts pay off.  I promised the boys at least two friends within a month, I have surpassed that goal!!  Yay MOM!!  They both still really miss Red Wing, and so do I.  (sniff)  Bloom where you are planted, if only my poor garden would take that advise…  I miss my garden too.

bjbeach1.jpg  (boys at Lake Huron)

Okay, gotta go, I’m gettin all wishy-washy.

moonu.jpg  (I moon-ed You)

Did you notice the full moon tonight?  It was beautiful here.

Miss you!!


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