on the otherside of the coin

The kids are doing great, they have been helpful, kind and considerate of eachother.  Well, they try to be, sometimes.  I was worried about what would happen with them only having siblings to “hang” with.  I am happy to report there has been no hanging (except in the hay loft where it is allowed). 

The older boys have taken Mo under their wings, and have been teaching him all kinds of lovely stuff, like how to shoot (both on video games and the bb guns), how to drive (bikes over jumps and cousin’s dirt bike and on video games), how to cuss like a sailor/teenager, and the best ways to piss off your mom.  Everything you want your 5 year old to know.  The disturbing part is how much Mo LOVES it.  And in general the big boys don’t mind having Mo tag along.  Roo, on the other hand, will not have anything to do with her little sissy.  She simply runs up those stairs and slams the door in Sissy’s face, which equals crying, screaming, and yelling.  It’s a good thing we live in the sticks.  No matter how much I threaten beg her to be nice to her sis, she still won’t.  I think today I have hit the magic cooperation button.  Yucky jobs.  The only thing Roo dislikes more then her sister right now is work so the misterious Yucky Jobs appears to be working… mmmwahahaha!!

Wish me luck. 

I REALLY HAVE to work on unpacking today….Oh yay

One response to “on the otherside of the coin

  1. So, today we all attended Charlies funeral. It was a nice service. It was a little hard though, for me, I think it was just the thought that Charlie was the last “thing left” of Grandma. It was a nice day, there were alot of flowers and alot of people at the service…. We missed you today.
    On to other things, have you heard about the 35w bridge collapse in Minneapolis over the Mississippi? I am sure you probaly have, but u never know. It is absolutely heartwrenching watching the news and thinking of all of the families and people affected. I so love being the bearer of good news lol. Sounds like your having fun (referring to your last couple blogs).
    I really hope you get to come home this month. You need a break! Take care hon! Luv, Penny

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