So, I’m not sure why, or what it is, that makes it so hard for me to just simply do something, but I always feel this need to make things 12x more difficult, and 14x more work. 

For instance, yesterday, I kick all the little monsters outside for an hour so I could watch Days clean the family room.  I started cleaning, but then was distracted when I blew a fuse because you can’t have both the vacuum and the AC on at the same time.  I went down to the dungeon to fix that problem and then got the stupid ass idea in my head to rearrange the family room.  We’ve only been living here 3 weeks, mind you.  I moved all the furnature, all of the accessories, rugs and clutter and started pushing stuff into different corners.  It was great fun until I got to the entertainment center and tv (which I had to disconnect to move, so Days was put on hold)  Took the tv out of the entertainment center and moved more furnature into the fam room, therefore creating more of a mess.  I discovered our fam room only has 2 stinking power outlets.  By the time I got the tv reconnected Days was over and I totally lost interest in the fam room project.  Shit, now what do I do?  I shoved all the furnature into various corners and threw the rugs back on the floor.  I concidered it done even tho I hadn’t dusted, vacuumed or removed any stay toys, and to add to the fun, I now had furnature that didn’t fit back in the room (and is still sitting in the hallway) namely the huge entertainment center (which will soon be a buffet in the dining room as soon as I get my lazy butt motivated).  I just hate it when I do stuff like that, but I keep doing it over and over and over.  I did manage to get a whole 1 box unpacked yesterday.  So now today I have to clean the fam room, get the stray furniture out of the hallway and unpack boxes.  Any bets on what I’ll actually get done?

There are always new adventures at the zoo…..

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