Canadian Vocab

Living in Canada is like living in a foreign country.  You wouldn’t think so, being so close to Minnesota an all, but, french people aside, Canadians have a special language all their own.

See if you can figure out what these words mean before you read the answer.

Hydro:  You’d think “hydro” would mean water.  Wrong.  It’s electric.

Petro:  Is gas (the kind you fill your gas tank with, not the kind your boys are so proud of)

Kraft Dinner:  Is mac&cheese; generic Kraft dinner is frowned upon.

Clicks:  Has nothing to do with your mouse, it’s kilometers

Homo milk:  is whole milk (get your minds outta the gutters)

Timmy’s:  Is either coffee or donuts at Tim Hortons.  Timbits are donuts holes.  People actually say that they need some timmy’s.

But I am adjusting, and my vocab is growing.  Now if I could only speak french without getting laughed at by giggly 7yr old girls then my life would be “bon”.

Speaking of speaking french.  We were at a baseball game today, it was an adult league that was totally different then what the boys played, instead of watching the game and trying to learn something the boys decided to do fashion commentary on all the players.  It was absolutely peeing-your-pants funny.  It was so hard to tell them to be nice when I was laughing so hard.  I’m sure everyone sitting around us was horrified at what my “lovely” children were saying, but I wouldn’t know because they were all speaking FRENCH.  It’s really hard to eavesdrop on people when they are speaking a different language. Ahh Well!

Miss you all!!!

2 responses to “Canadian Vocab

  1. I’m thinking you had better learn french, my dear. I absolutely love this site. Thanks for bringing it to us sweetie. Luv you all too. Peggy

  2. I am a Minnesotan and at least the loons have the same language on both sides of the border.



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