Horsing around

Woo hanging out with the horses, I just love those tippy-toes!


Yesterday we spent time annoying training the horses.  Roo managed to bridle Spider all by herself.  Roo, Woo and I all practiced leading him (or he led us).  It was fun.  It’s interesting how sometimes the horses can be so cooperative and other times they can be soo naughty.  Hmm…just like kids.  Strange.

julispider.jpg                            girlsspider.jpg

See I really don’t comb my hair


Notice spider’s nice, soft mane.  I spent a good half a day combing it out and then trimming it.  Ain’t he purty.

Woo just lost her bug, in the couch no less,

Mommy to the Rescue!

We miss you!  Bye for now.


One response to “Horsing around

  1. I get confused easily. Translate for me as to who Roo, Woo, Soo, etc. are as I don’t have time to backtrack and figure it out. And why are you calling them those nicknames? Did I miss this story? They will stick with them to adulthood, you know. So Ben is ____, Joe is ____, Sam is____, etc. You do realize you should be out on a ledge somewhere, don’t you?Said in a loving way. LOL. Pat

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