Bad momma

So, I got to spend about two hours listening to why I am a bad mother today.  I was also told how to fix my bad momma tendancies.  By the freakin dentist, that is reason number 1 why I hate dentists.  Reason number 2 is the countless number of times I heard “juice is bad” you can only say that in so many ways before it becomes completely pointless.  Like Duh!   I finally was able to take Mo to the dentist (after waiting weeks to get insurance issues sorted out)  The poor boy had a toothache, a bad one, so bad they are just going to pull the tooth bad.  I feel bad.  He also has 3 other cavities.  I am bad.  So what did we do after the dentist??  We went to the candy store.  That made both me and Mo feel better.  See I am a good mommy.  August 14th all the kids go to the dentist and Mo gets his tooth pulled.  My kids managed to fill all their morning time slots (what an honor)  You’d think with all these appointments the dentist would be nice to me….but I doubt it, on the 14th I’ll be told what a bad momma I am for 6 hours.   Then we’ll go get more candy, and then back to the dentist, and then more candy.  I’m detecting a disturbing pattern here, maybe I am a bad momma?!?!?  Shit, where’s my chocolate…….


One response to “Bad momma

  1. Bad Momma! That is the Public Health Nurse in my talking. No, really, you are a great momma. Look at the sparkle and wonder in the eyes of your children. You don’t see that in the eyes of children with bad mommas. I love all your photos. I’m glad you put one of you in there. I just found the tour the zoo site. Don’t know if it was there all along, but I enjoyed it tonight. By the way, I can’t help but look at the moon every time I see it and think of you. 🙂 I may not comment every day, but I check your site every day.


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