I know, I know…

I’ve been a bad blogger too.  I’ve just been so “stuck in a funk”.  Soon, tho, that will end, because I GET TO GO HOME!!!!  I will be in MN for a whole week!  The 27th- the 3rd.  Yes, Jeff is taking time off to watch kids.  What a Hunny!  I’m so excited (can ya tell?)

Jeff’s parents were here for the weekend.  They spent the night and everything.  Jeff’s dad brought his 4 wheeler and the kids were in heaven.  It was pretty fun.

Today I brought Thing 1, Roo, and Mo to the dentist.  Thing 1 is off the hook for the next 6 months.  Roo will need to go back once for a filling and Mo has to go back tomorrow to get his tooth pulled.  It’ll all be okay….. Really.

I hve a great post planned for tonight.  Lots of pictures and all that good stuff.  So stay tuned.


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