It’s a wonderful life.

If one were to guess as to which time peroid I am currently living in based on the following photos, what would you guess?

          ggstuff-037.jpg     ggstuff-039.jpg

This is our wood stove and our pile of wood (stored in the basement).  On cool mornings I get up early and start the fire. 

 ggstuff-038.jpg  This is my clothesline, and the beautious rusty “thing” covers our well, where all of our water comes from, maybe the clothesline is so close so that when the wet clothes drip that water goes back to the well.  Ultimate recycling.  Speaking of wells, the last two nights it has rained, so now I have no excuse to NOT do laundry, Damn.

ggstuff-036.jpg    This is our phone, luckily it not our only phone.

Like I have whined said before, NOTHING is the same here.  Everyhing is so incredibly different, the next photos show you what is involved in simply checking the mail.

First I get my shoes and walk by Woo’s latest creation.  She uses toilet paper to wrap up the kittens.  The kittens also enjoy this activity.  It really wears them out too (the kittens, not woo)  


Then we go outside, this is exactly what Thing1 does for at least 4 hours a day.


Finally I start down the driveway, I need to make sure all kids are accounted for and safe, I never know how long I will be away.


This pic is taken from about half way down the driveway.  If you look really hard you can see the white dot of the mailbox.


This one is our house from almost the end of the driveway.


This is from the end of the driveway looking to the mailbox.  Notice how lonely it looks…


And then after ALL that work, this is the mail I get: 


Notice IT’S IN FRENCH!!!

Interesting facts about mail here:  There is no mail on Saturdays, and when you have mail the mailperson puts your red flag up.  That way you can look through your binoculars and spot the flag before you hike to the mail box.  The problem with that is, there isn’t a flag to use when there is just junk mail in your box.  So anytime there is anything in you box you HAVE to check it, because it might be mail from a friend, or packages…(hint, hint)  8)

I miss you all!!!


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