Busy weekend

And the adventures never do stop.  We had a full weekend, but it was lots of fun, really.  We were suposto go to a wedding on Friday, but I messed up and scheduled another dentist appointment for Sam.  Darn… (in my defence, the wedding was about 5 hours away and for a cousin Jeff hardly knows)  So Friday evening I went into town for “coffee night” it was good (could have been better if I actually liked coffee) there were about 8 other ladies there, it’s funny how women can share the most intimate details of childbirth with complete strangers, anyways…. I am now hosting another playdate, on MONDAY, which is tomorrow, which is why I am up late cleaning (and typing).  So far there are 12 kids coming (along with their moms) add my 5 into the mix, that is 17 kids.  I’m positive tomorrow night I will be drinking heavily (or I would if I could actually drink more then A wine cooler without having a hangover).  Saturday started off with Jeff and the boys mending fences, no really, mending our fences with like nails and hammers.  Then we all hopped in the new-to-us-van and headed an hour and a half south to North Bay.  On our way Thing 2 spotted a yard sale, we spent $250 bucks there, wanna see what we bought??

 motorbikefort-022.jpg          motorbikefort-018.jpg

Don’t laugh, it’s a blast!  Do you see the look of pure joy on Mo’s face?  He rode that thing like a racer ALL DAY LONG (I only rode it a few times, cuz the brat didn’t want to share 8) )  Now I can check the mail 8 times in the time it would normally take to walk to the mail box once. 

Thing 1 and Thing 2 didn’t mind that Mo was selfish because the were busy in the woods.  Doing what you ask?  They were using all the old fence boards along with their advanced engineering skills to create this….


How cool is that?  Notice Buffy the big white dog, she follows the kids constantly just like a good mom would.  She protects them from the bears and wolves.  Good Dog!

Well, I must finish organizing the chaos that is my life livingroom. 


PS I’ll be in MN on the 27th, only a week to go!!


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