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My Little pony…..

This is how I spent my sunday….

Jeff and a guy from work traded cars for the weekend.  Jeff wanted to return the car “special”.

For future referance, don’t let Jeff borrow your car.

Think Positive

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up.  I’ve been sitting in a huge pit of dispair, with out a shovel or a rope.  Slowly tho I am starting to see a little bits of sunshine.  I hate being depressed, and I hate sounding like a whiney baby even more, which is why I haven’t been blogging.  I have decided, starting today, that I will start finding positives and I will start climbing out of this pit.  I also have to quit smoking, that hasn’t helped my mood any either, BUT I was the 50th customer at Giant Tiger today so I got a brand new Giant Tiger coffee cup.  WooHooo!!!!  See things are looking better already.  I will tell you all about the kids’ new school and our party real soon.  Until then, remember, I miss you all! 

Getting back on track

So after being gone for a week and then starting school 2days later I am now finally getting back in the swing of things.  The kids started school on Wednesday.  I drive them into Sudbury (40 mins one way), I spend about 3 hours a day in the van now, and $20 a day on gas, but I think it’s worth it.  The kids have all had a good week at school.  Mo is in french immersion, his teacher Madame Litalian (Mo calls her Miss Dam, after he asked me “it’s the beaver kind of dam right? Not the bad damn) says Sam is doing great, he has a real interest in learning French, which is cool for mom, then I can learn too.  Roo’s teacher says she is a very strong student, and fun to have in class.  Thing 2 has a strict teacher (mmwahahaha) but he’s managed to fit in with a good group of boys and has one girl’s phone number already.   Thing 1 has two goals:  To find big friends, and short girls, he is really noticing his “shortness” now.  He was joking around yeaterday morning and asked “if I go out with a fourth grade girl would I be a pedophile?”  I guess all the girls are pretty tall here in the frozen North.  Woo LOVES going to the school everyday to drop off the kids, she ask “when can I go to school by mine self?”  She is such a hoot, she loves having me all to herself, almost as much as she LOVES ransacking everyones bedrooms while they are away at school. 

I’ll post somemore pics soon!  I have pics of my beautiful new niece Lolah Jamz too.  Have a ducky weekend Everyone!

Miss ya!