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When you live in Canada you don’t go to THE hospital, you simply go to Hospital.  Same with University, it’s not THE university.


  Oh, and when you plan for your post secondary education, college is any 2 year program and university is any 4 year program.  The are different high school classes based on whether you plan on going to college for 2 years or university for 4.


Pickeral is a fish.  Tuk is a hat.


Sorciere is witch in French.


“Comma sa va?” means how are you.


“Il fait mal” means I feel bad. (or sumthing like that)

I have a cold and so does Sally Anne, hopefully we’ll feel better soon!


Take care~!


pirates1.jpg  Last Wednesday was pirate day at school.  I had to MAKE 5 pirate costumes.  How’d I do?  The kids had a blast.

benrun1026.jpg  On Friday Ben ran another race.  This one was at the University.  It was a 3.8 km trail through the woods with tons of hills.  Ben finished in 34th place out of 107 boys.  Each team had 8 kids on it and each school was able to enter 2 teams.  Ben’s team won 4th place overall.  Yay Ben!!

Good Morning!!


This is sunrise.  What a way to wake up!

Last Saturday Jeff cut down one of the big trees in our yard. He had lots of fun. I have discovered the joys of splitting wood. No, really, I like it. AND… I still have all my toes, fingers and legs. Last Sunday Ben, Joe and I went to the NHL all star game with Ben’s girlfriend and her mom. It was fun too (even tho I hate hockey) It was more of a comedy act then an actual game. The commentator kept picking on the kids, it was great. But the coolest thing was… the kids sat in a different row then us big people and by the time the game started Ben and Joe had collected tons of friends to join them. The boys have LOTS of friends. I am so glad. Living here would be so much harder if the kids were miserable. Thank goodness they are all very happy.

Canada = Hockey & ‘enfants (thats french)

The whole canadaians and hockey thing is not a myth.  Everyone here is a hockey FREAK (okay, maybe not EVERYONE, but close)  All of the boys in Ben and Joe’s classes play hockey and most of the girls do too.  Everyone likes hockey.  I HATE hockey.  It’s mean and it’s cold.  I hate freezing!  Joe’s best friend N plays hockey, he invited us to his first game of the season, we went, I froze, I hate hockey.  Joe’s girlfriend plays hockey, I am NOT going, I have had my fill of freezing.  Or so I thought….  Ben’s girlfriend’s mom called me last night and invited me and Joe and Ben to the NHL alumni hockey game.  I will go, I will smile and be friendly and I will freeze my ass off.  I hate hockey…..  But I like friends, and I need friends and if friends are going to hockey, then I will too.  I will freeze, but I will go.  Wish me luck as I try and figure out which box my long johns are in….  I HATE FREEZING!!

Sam has been sick, which sucks.  He’s missed 2 days of school so far and he’ll be home again today.  He is getting better, I think he’ll be able to go to school tomorrow.  He loves school.  He is doing so well in the french immersion program.  He knows so much already.  He can count to 20 in french, and say the french alphabet.  He knows all of the polite phrases, he knows the words associated with Thanksgiving and most of the Halloween words.  He also knows tons of random nouns.  It’s so cute when he tries to teach me, I am hopeless.  Juli gets so pissed because he knows more french then she does.  She is learning alot to but at a slower pace, she only has french an hour a day.  Ben and Joe are doing as well as can be expected.  Ben is taking 8th grade core french (the other kids in his class have had 10 years of core french) The things they are learning are not conversational, they are more grammer-like.  The teacher speaks only french, so Ben has absolutely no chance of actually learning, but he is hearing and eventually so of the phrases will sink in.  Joe’s french is about the same, but Joe has had so much spanish that he can a least fake some knowledge of french.  Both Ben and Joe are exempt from french so they are not actually graded on it, they just have to sit there and absorb, like a sponge.

Take care!

Miss yous!

Busy Bee!

Yes, I know.  I have neglected you, my dear blog.  Although I do have numerous excuses, I will only focus on one of them…  Holy Cow, I have been BUSY!  It seems like every spare moment is taken up by weird circumstances.  Whenever I “plan” to have a spare moment to write to you, my dear blog, something Krazy happens and the moment has vanished.  Like, for instance, our well has dried up SEVEN times now.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to bathe children with water bottles?  To cook with out water?  To shovel shit when you can’t wash your hands?  I haven’t been able to do laundry like a regular person in soo long (I can honestly say I miss it). 

Anyway, here is just a peek at my day. 

5:45 AM  Alarm goes off  (we are an hour ahead of you so really, next time your up at 4:45am, think of me) As soon as I get out of bed I go to collect wood to start the fire.  It’s freezing in the mornings. 

Between 5:55 and 7:30 I have to get all the kids up and dressed, Ben and Joe have to shower, I have to get ready.  I have to feed all of these hungry monsters (they eat about 15 homemade waffles every morning)  I have to make lunches for 4 of them, but because they have 2 “nutritional breaks” I really have to make 8 lunches.  Unless Jeff forgets his lunch, then I make 9 lunches.  I make sure all of their agendas are signed and all their homework is done, all their backpacks are packed and their “inside shoes” are included.  Plus…Get them all into the van. 

We leave the driveway by 7:34 am and drive and drive and drive. 

We arrive at school at 8:15 am.  Get all the monsters out of the car, along with all of their stuff and hustle them into school.  I volunteer with the breakfast program so usually the kids eat again.  When the bell rings, 3 of the 5 take off with their friends to class while Sally and I take Sam to his classroom.  I read a story to Sam’s class and then Sally and I leave the school.  WooHoo!! 

We get back in the van at about 8:55am.  We do our shopping or run errands or visit Jeff at work and then we head back home.  Sally will usually sleep for about 30 of the 40 minutes we are driving, which is very nice, I LOVE the quiet. 

We are at home until 2:15pm.  Then we venture out to pick the monsters back up.  School gets out at 3:10.  We get back home at about 4:10.  Then, it’s time for supper. 

Okay enough for now.  My fingers are tired. 

Talk to you all soon!  Love you!!

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Have a DANDY day!