Halloween snuck up on me this year.  I didn’t get a chance to find/unpack any of my halloween decorations this year.  We didn’t even cut pumpkins until Tuesday night.  Bad Mommy.  This whole thing with having Thankgiving BEFORE halloween is just strange to me.  Next year I’ll be ready, I promise. 

 pump.jpg Cutting open punpkins with dad, while I was frantically trying to find free (priceless) halloween costumes within the hundreds of boxes of useless stuff we moved here. 

 kidsh.jpg Kids in their “school” costumes.  Sally is a ladybug, Sam is a kangaroo, Juli is a baseball player, Joe is a “morning mom” (or a Bie-atch as as he called himself) Ben was a geek.

bengeek.jpg and was a perfect geek he was.

After school the kids all decided they wanted to change costumes.  Ben ended up being an alien, Joe was a dolly, Juli was a lion, Sam was a scary guy, and Sally was a unicorn.  I didn’t take pics of the new costumes, I know, I know, bad mom.

We decided to Trick or Treat in St. Charles.  I was thinking it wouldn’t take us too long, St Charles is a tiny town.  I was really suprised when it took us 2 hours and we still hadn’t hit all the houses.  The last 45 mins we trick or treated in the rain, that was lovely.  The kids got Tons of candy, everyone was handing out candy BAGS, not just a candy.  We actually had to get new bags half way through because the other bags were full.  Next year the kids all agree we need to learn how to say “trick or treat” in french.  So many people here don’t (or won’t) speak english.

Take care Everyone!  I can’t wait to see you all at Christmas!!

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