Ben:  Ben is doing well.  He says that he likes living in Canada except for two things.  Guess what they are.  Nevermind, I’ll just tell you.  He doesn’t like living so far from town and he doesn’t like not having any money.  You and me both kid.  He broke up with his girlfriend last week.  I was thinking “great, now I can have my phone back” wrong.  he still chats on the phone with her for hours.  And if he’s not on the phone with Liandy, Joe is on the phone with one of his many “love ya like a sister” girls.  Drives me NUTZ!

Joe:  Joe has gained so much confidence since we moved here.  He struts around that school like he owns the place.  His class is pretty far behind where his old school was so most of the stuff he is being taught, he already knows.  It’s a great review.  Joe feels smart now.  He should, considering last time they tested him he had an IQ that qualified him for MENSA!  I hate knowing that his IQ is higher then mine.  I just hope his head doesn’t get much bigger, our van is already tightly packed.  LOL

 Juli:  Juli is happy, when she gets her way.  No really, she’s doing well too.  She is the one who gets all mushy and misses EVERYONE in Red Wing, but only when she is home.  At school she is Miss Social Butterfly, and Miss Teacher’s Pet.  They moved her from the 3rd grade classroom to the 3/4 grade classroom because she knew everything she was being taught.  She was requesting “harder math”.  The level readers start at A and get harder as you get closer to Z.  After six weeks of school she was already to R.  Hopefully grade 3/4 will be more of a challenge for her, but I doubt it.  That girl is like a sponge.  She likes hanging out with the older kids in her class, I hope they don’t teach her naughty stuff tho, thats what her brothers are for. LOL

I’ll update you all on Sam and Sally later.  I suck at typing.  My fingers are way out of shape.  Miss you ALL!!


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