i think i’m in trouble

everyone i know has been getting sick.  we haven’t.  until this morning when i went to wake up the kids.  both joe and juli looked miserable, and were very slow about getting out of bed.  on the way to school sam and sally started whining as well….  if i end up with FOUR sick and miserable kids this week i will go nuts for real.  One of Jeff’s friends from way back will be coming to stay the night with us on thursday or friday, but unless I get the spare room cleaned out he will have no place to sleep.  My spare room is where all of the boxes have been banished to, the boxes that I haven’t unpacked yet, the boxes with all the junk i obviously don’t need, but still can not part with.  anyways, with that task looming before me the last thing I need is sick kids.  Ugghhh! 

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