1 day done

I did it, I made it through the day, it sucked, and I’d rather have stayed curled up in bed, but I did make it.

The kids each had their fall apart moments.  We helped them through it.  Sam just about broke my heart.  He didn’t like daddy wearing make up, and he insisted on seeing daddy’s legs.  So we had to open the whole casket for him.  Sam wanted to make sure Jeff had his legs.  how do you explain these things to a 5 year old? 

Tomorrow (well today, I guess) is the funeral.  I hate funerals.  Especally when they are for the father of my children and the man I love.  I really wish this wasn’t happening to me.


One response to “1 day done

  1. Laura, I am so sorry for the loss of Jeff. Call me anytime you want to talk or if I can help you in any way. We love you all . Carol and Dave.

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