Accident part 1

I need to type this out for my own peace of mind, I need to have a perment record of it so that I can think of things other then the accident, I need to write the details so that I don’t have to keep remembering them.

We’d had a good morning.  The kids were groggy, Jeff couldn’t find his travel coffee mug, but that was normal.  He’d gone to the car to load his stuff and then came inside to say goodbye.  He kissed and hugged me and then Sam piped up “Don’t forget to say goodbye to your family”  Jeff replied, “I would never forget to say goodbye to my family”  And then kissed and hugged us all.  Little did we know this goodbye would be forever. Jeff left in the car at about 6:15 am.  The kids and I left the house at about 6:50.  When we all got situated in the van and started driving I realized that the roads were slippery, and Jeff always calls me when it’s slippery, so I called his cell.  Twice.  We were about 1.5 miles from home when we had to stop because the road was closed.  I called Jeff’s cell again, then I called his work to see if he was already there.  He wasn’t.  We waited in the van for the accident to be cleared.  An ambulance drove by us.  After a bit we noticed someone from the road crew was walking to each car, when he got to ours and told us that the road would be closed for hours.  I got out of the van and asked him if the accident involved a red intrepid with Minnesota plates.  At this point I figured Jeff was either caught up in the accident or he was helping with the accident, he was a trained firefighter.  I was waiting outside the van so the kids wouldn’t hear me when the officer came over to me and told me that yes, Jeff’s car was in the accident and he was taken to the hospital (in the ambulance that passed us)  The office told me it was serious, very serious.  I asked him if Jeff was alive when they put him in the ambulance.  The officer told me that he wasn’t sure, and handed me Jeff’s wallet.  All five kids were still in the van, I had to tell them that their dad was hurt and on his way to the hospital.  There were lots of questions from the kids, questions I couldn’t answer, because I didn’t know.  I called Jeff’s mom and told her she needed to come.  I called my sister and told her.  And I called Jeff’s work and told them he wouldn’t be in today because there had been an accident.  I called my friend and asked her to meet me at the hospital to help with the kids.  I didn’t know what to expect.  The officer wouldn’t let me drive, he wouldn’t let me leave, he wouldn’t let me go to Jeff.  He made me wait for another officer to get to the scene and drive me and the kids to the hospital.  At that point I hated The officer.


10 responses to “Accident part 1

  1. I am so sorry about your husband’s death.

  2. I hope typing this out helps you heal and focus on whatever you need to focus on right now.

  3. Laura!, It was an accident! Not your fault or anyone else’s. It could happen to any of us at any time. Karma or fate? Who knows? Apparently, GOD needed Jeff for some reason that we will only understand when we get there. He’s waiting to greet us, along with your Dad and Grandmas. Paving the way. I really believe this! Hang in there Honey! I love you! Aunt Carol

  4. What did I mean about your Dad? I meant Paul. Love Carol.

  5. Remember You said ” Carol gets me”? You know why I get you? Cuz You’re just like me! I know you’re hurting! I just ache for you! But you’re gonna get thru this, and be stronger for it! Come home and be with the people who know how to help you heal! Love Me!

  6. Came here from Tertia’s site – hugs & blessings from Cape Town. I am so sorry for your loss – there are no words…

  7. Jeff sounds like a great husband and father. What a blessing that you had that chance for a goodbye that morning. I know sometimes our mornings go without that exchange of love. I will be fixing that.

    still praying for your family.

  8. When troubles surround us, when evils come
    The body grows weak
    The spirit grows numb
    When these things beset us, God doesn’t forget us
    He sends us His love

    On the wings of a snow-white dove
    He sends His pure sweet love
    A sign from above
    On the wings of a dove

    Laura..out hearts hurt for you. I wish I could be with you to help. Love U!

  9. Just wanted to let you know i’m here, reading. And hoping that typing it all up and my reading your words help, in some small way.

  10. dear laura,
    i’m so sorry to hear about jeff I heard it from yo baby friend curt and ruthann. I know Jeff loved you guys very much and he is in heaven looking down on you and saying please don’t cry I’m here looking over you guys. and he will come to you in your dreams. I know how your heart hurts each day it will get better, so hang in there theres alots of people who love you. Look at your pictures remember the silly things he did. The people in red wing mn want you to know we care. When I read your story I cried , Laura I wish I could be there to help. If there something I can do please let me know. your friend patsy nesteby red wing mn

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