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Communities helping Hunt family

Date Published | displayDate(1196966132296); Dec. 6, 2007

Man killed in highway accident had recently returned from United States.

The communities of Wahnapitae and St. Charles are organizing to help out a family in need.
There will be fundraisers this Sunday at the Wahnapitae Community Centre at 1 pm and at the St. Charles Tavern at 3 pm for the family of deceased Jeffrey Walter Hunt, 38, of St. Charles.

“We organizing a fundraiser in Wahnapitae for the wife and children who lost their father so tragically recently,” said resident Merv Julien.
Jeffrey Hunt died in a car accident early Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2007 in a two-vehicle collision on Highway 535, when the car he was driving collided with a southbound pickup truck at the Nepawassi River bridge, north of St. Charles.

Hunt, his wife, Laura Runge, and their children, ages 13, 12, 8, 5 and  3, had just returned to Canada in July from living in the United States.

Runge, an American citizen, was still in the process of obtaining her Canadian status and a working visa when the accident happened. The family is in financial need, said Julien.

“We are asking people to bring cash for the family…We do want people to have fun too, despite the tragic circumstances so there will be a visit from Santa, Christmas music, and gingerbread treats as well as coffee,” he said.

Afterwards from 3 pm, Craig Jefferson and Mark Lawrence will be entertaining at the St. Charles Tavern where more donations can be made, said Julien.

“We trying to pull together the generous spirit of the surrounding communities for this day in memory of Jeffrey Hunt,” he said.

Community spirit is being reinvigorated in Wahnapitae. For more information, phone Julien at 694-5326.


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