Happy Birthday to Sam!

Today is Sam’s Birthday.  I’m really trying to make it special.  I have that wonderful fake smile plastered on my face.  At 6 am he wanted presents, so at 6:15 am he got them.  We’ll have cake and ice cream as soon as I run to the store and get some.  He was allowed to hang out and sleep with the big boys last night.  He enjoyed that.  I’m trying, I really am.  I am trying to keep today upbeat, and not think about the fact that Jeff isn’t here to celebrate with us.  I’m trying to not be sad today. 

4 responses to “Happy Birthday to Sam!

  1. Dear Sam,
    I’m glad it’s your birthday today. It is good that it is you’re birthday and I hope that you get all you want. I hope that you get all of you’re birthday wishes. I hope you have fun on your birthday.
    Love Ethan Simonson, Your Friend in Red Wing, MN
    p.s. I miss you really bad.

  2. Dear Laura,

    You are doing sooo good, if only you knew. You will look back on this and realize it one day. You are first and foremost a wonderful mom to your kids. They are lucky to have you. Sam deserves a happy time on his birthday even if there are moments of sadness mixed in. Keep that fake smile on and have fun and make everyone laugh. Jeff would want you to and you know that he is right there with you in spirit.

    Love you,


  3. Happy Birthday SAM-O!!! Love You!!

    Laura, Ur doing a great job today. Hang in there honey!

  4. Happy belated birthday Sam! 6! I’m dreading my two turning 6. It’s such a big kid age.

    I love that he opened presents at 6:15am! I totally would have done that.

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