Everyday is different

When people ask how we’re doing, The only answer that fits is “everyday is different”  It’s true in so many ways.  Some days are really hard, some days are okay, but everyday without Jeff is different, it’s wrong.  Our family is now different, I’m different. 

I was able to be with Jeff in my dreams last night, it was wonderful.  He is wonderful.  I was slightly pissed when the kids woke me up this morning, I wanted to stay in my dream with Jeff.  That’s the only time I can see him, and hear him, and touch him now.  I still need that.  I need him!

 The kids and I went to the benefit concert yesterday.  Jeff would have loved it.  The kids had fun and I didn’t lose any of them.  I just missed jeff the whole time.  This really sucks.  I want things to be the way they were, before the accident.  I want to be happy again, I want to be happy with Jeff.


One response to “Everyday is different

  1. I adore that response, “everyday is different.” What a perfect way to sum up the immensity of grieving. May peace continue to find you in your dreams and everyday life.

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