I am a good mom

see here is proof:

We decorated cookies for santa.  Don’t tell Jeff we had frosting in the living room, he’d have a canary. 

We sprinkled reindeer food in the front yard.  The kids had a blast.  They promptly went right to bed, they know santa is coming to our house early this year.  Tonight.

After they went to bed mom got busy.  See what I did:

(all alone)  Look at the tree, under the angel, do you see who is smiling down on me?

Yep, it’s Jeff.  He’s been on our tree since we put it up.  The kids put him there.  I hate the fact that the only way my kids can have their dad on Christmas is to put the memory card from his funeral on the tree.  It’s so not fair.  I want my Jeff back.


7 responses to “I am a good mom

  1. You are so right – it is so unfair. Everything about it is unfair. Wait, I take that back – one thing that is fair is that at least your children have an incredible mother. Your pictures of your Christmas are a testament to the power of a mother’s love. I think your husband must be so proud. I picture him either in front of you or behind you, pulling/pushing you through this first Christmas, just helping you get through the season. And what a wonderful job you are doing. Like so many people, I am still thinking of you,

  2. It’s beautiful!
    You did a beautiful job, Laura. I am so impressed. Reindeer food in the front yard? What a great idea! We’ve never done that before. Might have to start a new tradition this year.

  3. I hope your Christmas is great, You have great kids and you ARE a great mom. As mom’s we always feel we need to be strong, I have been coming to your blog for awhile to check to see how you are doing. A mom from a large family web site asked for prayers for you and your family thu this hard time. When I read all your post’s I could easily see my self in your shoes, I’m a 31yr mom to 7, 14-3 and my husband is 37 and he drives a half hr to work and I worry every time the weather is not so good(we live in WI). I know I would feel as you do if this had happened to me, don’t worry Jeff is keeping you strong and you have many people(you know and don’t) praying for you and your family. sorry so long, I’m not great with words but had to write you. You are a GREAT MOM!

  4. You’ve got me in tears.

    You are an incredible woman and mother. It goes to show that you are a GREAT MOM, through all your grief and saddness you’ve created a beautiful Christmas for the kids.

    Jeff is looking down, so proud of his family!

  5. You’re doing a great job with Christmas! How wonderful of your kids to have thought of including your husband in Christmas by putting him on the tree. That’s a very nice way of trying to deal with a very unfair and difficult situation.

    You’re doing an excellent job- hope you had a glass on wine after you were done to unwind and congratulate yourself on a job well done!

  6. Hi Laura,

    Yes, you are a good mom. You care, you fight, you love. And you do not leave out Christmas.

    I hope you had a good time. I believe that Jeff is with you, not only looking down from the tree.
    May he be able to help you finding comfort and peace.

    You are a good mom. And a good wife, a good woman (teaching me to take better care for good byes and for going ahead).

    Wish you a peaceful Christmas season,

  7. Hey Laura…
    How are things?
    I’ve been thinking of you.

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