Things I’ve learned

#1.  5 kids equals lots of work.

#2.  It’s very hard to be around happy people when you are sad.

#3.  Being around sad people when you are sad sucks too.

#4.  New Years Eve sucks when you have no one to kiss at mid-night (besides your mother)

#5.  I miss the presents I would have gotten from Jeff.  I miss the thoughtful little things that used to annoy me.  I miss the cuddles and the hugs, and the stupid jokes.

#6.  I can drive all 5 kids to Minnesota and back with out any major problems.  (even when I lose the directions on how to get back home)

#7.  I miss jeff more then I ever thought was possible. 

I’m sad today, I’m tired, I just really want to wake up and discover that this was all just a dream, a very bad dream.

2 responses to “Things I’ve learned

  1. Laura, we’re still reading, thinking of you, hoping for some degree of peace for you. I was sorry to read that the trip had not been so great (although that was expected, to some degree, I guess). But everyday when I went to check on you and saw no post, I knew that meant you were still visiting your family, and I just wanted to think of you wrapped in the caring and love of your family during the holidays. I am so sorry you are hurting so badly – so, so sorry.

  2. Hi, sweetie,
    It wasn’t all bad the kids had a nice x-mas
    They were happy on there trip. We loved having you guys here for the holiday even when grandma was short on paciance do you understand that word? I can’t spell. the kids played with jesse and jamz and it was fun for them for a while. Which was good hang in there we love you and can’t wait to have you back. love you guys lots! mom.

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