I am using this blog to write out my thoughts.  My honest, true, deep thoughts.  The blog is way cheaper then a therapist and it has helped me alot.  I am mentioning this now so that no one gets too worried about me.  I really am okay.  I don’t spend all day wondering my island of lost.  I do smile and I even laugh once in a while.  I do talk to many people through out the day.  Sometimes, it even seems like I leave the island of lost, for a bit.   You don’t hear about the “fun” and the “smiles” you only hear the sad and the lonely.  I promise to try and include some of the “smiles” and some of the “fun”, I did say TRY because it’s way easier to bitch and complain and whine.   and I’m good at that.  8)

PS. I added Christmas photos to the flickr site.  Click the link over there –>


2 responses to “FYI

  1. I too find blogs very therapudic, im not sure why they work but they do?
    Perhaps its getting thoughts out of your head, perhaps its reading over them from an outsider standpoint? Who knows,
    Im glad to hear there are smiles and fun even though we dont read about them.

  2. Bitch and whine all you want. Still reading, to offer whatever comfort and support I can.

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