Today I got out of bed, put on clean clothes, washed and combed my hair and washed my face all before I took the kids (well two of them at least) to school.  I ran errands and got some shopping done and made it to the pharmacy before I picked them up from school.  All in all, not a bad day.  Now if I could cook supper and get the dishes done and kids bathed and in bed, then my day would be almost like normal.  I know I am not cooking again tonight, I went to Costco today and bought TONS of noodle cups, and tons of canned pasta-like products, you know the heat and eat kind, the kind my 6 yr old can cook for himself.  I know, I’m bad.  I also know that dishes won’t get done, I’m really focusing on getting at least Sam in the shower.  I think he might, maybe go to school tomorrow.  He has refused to go back to school until his daddy comes back.  Poor kid.  Hopefully though tomorrow will be the day.  I did buy two more books for my death, mourning, grieving liberary.  I’m starting to have a lovely collection of depressing books.  “just what I’ve always wanted” NOT.  Anyways…..  

I miss Jeff all the time.  More and More everyday.  8(

  Jeff cut down this tree in our yard about 3 weeks before he died, He was so proud of himself and his chain saw skills he decided to show off.  I remembered this yesterday, I went outside and just cried and cried.  I love you too Jeffy!


3 responses to “Semi-successful

  1. Aww…now I’m crying. What a wonderful memorial he has left you.

  2. Oh, your poor little boy. My heart aches for him, waiting for his daddy to come home.

    And I agree, what a lovely, tangible memory of your marriage Jeff left for you in the tree.

  3. Oh sweetie. I just want to pick you up and hug you and your little ones and make it all okay.

    I can’t even imagine what this would be like.

    You have my utmost respect that you’re even able to get out of bed and be a mother each day.

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