I can tell that the whole “reality” of things is starting to get to me.  I have been so so tired.  Seriously, I could really sleep all day long.  If it weren’t for these 5 kids running around and demanding food anyways.  I’ve been considering upping my dose of zoloft, but I’ve decided to put that off until the weekend because hey, maybe I am just tired and not depressed.  See, I’m still thinking positive.  I am also having more problems focusing and getting motivated, but I’ve kind of always been like that.  So maybe I am just tired and lazy and not depressed.  I also keep putting things off.  and starting things but never finishing them.  So maybe I am just lazy, tired and scatter-brained and not really depressed, yet, but if I think about it, being called lazy, tired and scatter-brained is kind of depressing, hmmm….I’ll wait until Saturday and see how I feel before I up my meds, but really, it’s not because I’m putting things off, or too lazy to go to the Dr, it’s just cuz I am soo damn tired. 


3 responses to “Depressed

  1. ugh. I know this game, darling. Get the drugs. And maybe you need to switch drugs if this one doesn’t do it. It took several different tries before my husband found the right one. But, it makes such a huge difference.

  2. You sound a lot like me- i too could sleep all day these days 🙂

  3. I can totally relate- I think part of it is grief, which is physically and emotionally exhausting, and part of it is how you were before Jeff died. Along those lines, I was lamenting to my therapist last week about how inefficient I am in the mornings- I will waste time like nobody’s business- and she asked me, very nicely, if that behavior was new since Josh died. Well, no. I wasn’t particularly efficient before he died, but at least I had someone to kick my butt into gear when I needed it! 😉 Anyway, yes, meds might help, but I think it’s also okay to cut yourself from slack. The only other time I’ve felt this exhausted was the first trimester of pregnancy. Hang in there. xoxoxxo

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