Blah, Blah, Blah

I’m sick of this.  Can I be done yet?  Haven’t I been punished enough?  What the heck did I do to deserve this?  I mean, really, come on.  Enough of this torture, let me wake up in Jeff’s arms and discover this was all a dream….  I want to be happy again.  I want to have fun, to laugh.  I want to relax.  I want to stop worring about everything, I want to stop freaking out about every little thing.  I want help with the kids.  5 kids is alot of work when you don’t have your backup, your extra set of eyes, your big, mean voice.  It does me no good to threaten them with the wrath of dad now.  They only have me to bug, and harass.  They only have me to talk to, confide in, and play with.  They only have me to learn from, and that’s scary, Jeff was always the “good” to my “naughty”.  Jeff was the “right way” as opposed to my “half-ass way”.  Poor kids…..

On a more positive note I got my lazy, tired butt out of bed today and brought the 3 bigger kids to school today, ON TIME even.  I had a good talk with Sam about Jeff, and he even listened to about half of it.  I paid all my bills online and made some phone calls.  I do plan on cooking supper tonight (well, maybe)

Poor Sally is really sick.  She’s got a sore throat and a high temp.  *the thermometers in Canada are in Celcius and I only speak Fairenhieght (I don’t spell either language).  So I had to go online and find a C to F conversion and then add a degree for the whole armpit temp thing*  Where’s the damn easy button??????

4 responses to “Blah, Blah, Blah

  1. Hi
    they sell thermometers at the drugstore for less than 10 $ and they have both celcius and f(I dont spell it either
    Hope she feels better soon,bad flu going around

  2. I’m Canadian, and I speak Fahrenheit when it comes to fevers and hot tubs, and Celcius for the weather for some reason. Most thermometers here can do both, you usually just have to hold down the button until it switches over.

    I hope Sally is feeling better soon. And Sam, too. And you, too, for that matter, although that might be the most difficult of all.

  3. aw jeez. What a pain. I hope Sally is feeling better, too.

  4. I love your honesty. Keep it up.

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