Right now…

I am feeling okay.  I managed to get a few things done around the house and a few calls made.  Having “call corener” on my todo list was really bumming me out so finally I just did it.  and now it’s done.

 The kids are mad at me again because we ditched school again.  In my defence the roads were bad, but still they are pissed.  The good thing is that they are hiding from me, and cleaning their rooms.  WooHoo!!

If your 12 and 13 yr old boys both  tell you that you need to take a shower, is that a bad thing?  and when you explain to them that your not going any where, but they still insist you should shower, should you??  I know, I will…..

Even though many people have expressed to me how un-sanitary it is, I still haven’t been able to change my bed sheets yet.  I’ve tried…lots of times…but I can’t yet. 

I’m really not as gross as I sound, really…. and I will shower today, I promise.


3 responses to “Right now…

  1. So would it work to put fresh sheets on your bed but to keep the old ones unwashed yet for you to cuddle with and to bury your nose in when you need a snuggle? Thinking of you Laura, every day. and keeping you in my prayers.

  2. I wish you lived next to me. I’d come over and bring food and let you just rest. You aren’t really allowed to grieve because you still have to function for your kids. But somethings gotta give and if that means few showers and unwashed sheets, so be it.

    You will come out of this. You have such strength.

  3. oh the sheets.
    I’d have a hard time with that, too.

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