For supper we had chicken and potato wedges, and mac salad.  From the deli at the grocery store.  I brought 3 out of 5 kids to school today (on time even) after they had a YummY breakfast of homemade waffles. 

The reason I had time to do all this was because Juli and Sam were up at 4AM.  Yelling, screaming and running.  Lovely!  I used my MEAN voice and sent them back to bed, and they fell asleep, but of coarse, I was wide awake.  Juli and Sam have been sleeping together, and when one of them has a bad dream they both wake up. 

When I was picking the 3 up from school one of the mom’s I chat with told me as politely as possible how shitty I look.  Lovely again.  “Oh you’re so pale”, “You look so tired”, “Oh eeew, when was the last time you showered?”  (Just kidding about the last one.)  Heck, you try taking care of 5 little monsters, all by yourself, and dealing with the death of your husband, and see how lovely you smell look.  I know see was just concerned about us, and I appreciate that, I really do, but today is a sarcastic, bitchy day.

Sally is all better now, but Sam is sick.  Where’s my break??  I have spent a small fortune at the drug store.  I think this week I’ll stock up on Benedryl, then everyone will sleep.  mmwahahaha!  (If you are a mandated reporter reading this I’m only kidding)

So Sally (who is 3) wanted me to close the bathroom door and lock it while she’s in there.  I asked what she was going to do, and she said “nuffing”  Do you think I should believe her?  Even if she is very quiet, and not bugging me?


got a minute?  pop over to here:

if you want to read a story of love, courage, and hope – even when the outcome is uncertain.  This man amazes me with his “acceptance” 


One response to “Lovely!!

  1. I just spent the last two hours reading that guys blog. Thanks for sharing the site. He does have an exceptional amount of acceptance, but he has also had more years to hone that skill. You too have grown in the short two months that you have been faced with this unplanned life. I loved the photo of the kitty wash. 🙂

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