once upon a time..

There was a girl who really missed her dang husband.  She hated having to do everything all alone, but most of all she had no one to share with (not that she really liked to share).  Now there is no one to share the bed with, no one’s socks to sneak, and no one to share all the little joys involved in being a parent.  and no one to share all the yucky work associated with being a parent.  I am so flipping tired.  These kids totally out number me.  I really hope they don’t realize that themselves and duct tape me to the wall one day. 

N-E ways, on to happier things

I visited the coroner today and dropped off that damn form so he can fill it out, I also requested a copy of the autopsy (wonderful bedtime story that’ll make).  I went to the bank and opened a saving account (Yay Me) and brought 2/5 ths of the kids to school.  I picked up an econo sized box of pizza pockets and a huge box of chicken nuggets (“supper’s ready kids, just pop it in the microwave”)  Oh! and I looked at new bed sheets, I thought maybe if I bribed myself with new sheets maybe, just maybe, I could change them….but I chickened out, maybe next time….

I’m feeling pretty okay today, now if I could only get the kids healthy and sleeping through the night things might just start looking up around here…..

2 responses to “once upon a time..

  1. Maybe if you got new sheets you could keep the other ones unwashed for a while. Maybe that would make it a little easier – not getting rid of them – just setting them aside for now. Baby steps. Hope the kids are feeling better soon, and that you get a good night’s sleep.

  2. Your doing the best you can, I hope and pray things will gradually seem better every day. What do they say” God gives us no more than we can handle” I know it can be overwhelming but your doing what you can and you are strong.

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