I recently discovered that I was nominated for the Best Canadian Family Blog ( http://cdnba.wordpress.com/vote/round-1/ )  Round one voting closes tomorrow at Midnight.  Ktcakes nominated me.  Thanks so much!  I feel special.


I won a prize!  From the Blogess ( http://thebloggess.com/ )  She almost always makes me laugh.  and she said I’m her hero.  Not only is she funny, but she’s sweet too.

 Tonight, after the monsters are fed and put to bed I’ll tell you all about my weekend with the in-laws.  Both the good and the bad.  doesn’t that sound like fun???


5 responses to “Honored

  1. Hi. I don’t know you but I read about you on the Bloggess’ site and I came by for a visit. Wow! You are amazing.

  2. I just found yr blog and yr a wonderful mom…I am so sorry for yr loss…I will be a reader …

  3. You’ve got my vote chica.

  4. You’ve got my vote too! I tried to stuff the ballot box but they wouldn’t let me.

  5. I got here by way of the Bloggess also, and I was kinda hoping to find a link to send you a private message so it wouldn’t look like I was shmaltzing up your comments. But I just wanted to say that what I’ve read here is utterly heartbreaking, and I can’t imagine what you must be going through… but you do such an amazing job of conveying your feelings here that, in a way, I almost kinda can. Take that as the compliment to your writing ability as it was intended, please.

    I’ve had my share of coping with death and grief, but, I think, like snowflakes, no two death/grief situations are alike. All I can offer in the way of advice is to be aware that there is no rule book for this situation. Do the best you can, and don’t be afraid to seek help from family/friends/headshrinkers when things get too overwhelming.

    Also, know that there WILL be a day when you will think about some great memory of Jeff, and you will not necessarily burst into tears immediately afterward. Again, unfortunately, no rule book says how long this will take, but SOMEDAY, maybe after you’ve run out of tears, I dunno, but SOMEDAY, you will notice that the warmth and fondness and thankfulness for having had the memory outweighs sadness.

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