Mad, Mad, Mad

I was all prepared to be positive, peaceful, and content today.  Fate has a way of stepping in a screwing everything up.  Uuugghhh! 

I’ll give you some background before I start my rant.  We heat the house with oil and wood.  The wood stove is in the living room and heats the main floor pretty good as long as it’s not too cold outside and as long as I keep feeding it wood.  The oil heats our hot water and our furnace. 

Last night it got really cold here and of course, last night we ran out of oil.  Lovely.  I checked the bill and I have a credit.  I had to wait until this morning before I could call the company to bitch and find out what the heck was going on.  They told me that they can’t bill me until I have an application done (even tho they took my money before) and my account has been suspended, which they failed to tell me.  They’ve taken my payments before and delivered oil before, but now all of the sudden they can’t.  They will mail me the application to fill out and maybe I’ll qualify (I’m not a canadian citizen), otherwise I don’t know.  So I talked to a supervisor, after much arguing, bitching, pleading, crying, and begging, they will bring me out a “little bit” of oil, to last me until I fill out the application and mail it back.  The truck will be here maybe today, or maybe tomorrow.  Super.  But in the mean time, because I ran out of oil I need to pay someone to come and bleed the lines.  Super again.  I’m so pissed.  and freaking cold!

On a happier note:  Ben has once again made me just crack up.  A few years ago he bet me that I couldn’t make a pie (cuz he really wanted pie)  Luckily I just happened to have a frozen pie, and popped it in the oven.  Ben came home from school to a freshly baked apple pie.  He was very impressed with my talents.  Today when I was ranting and raving about the stupid oil people, he suggested I make a pie.  He went on for about 15 min on how baking a pie will make me feel better about myself, raise my confidence level, and make the house warmer and blah, blah, blah.  He suggested blueberry for the anti-oxident factor.  I finally stopped him and said that it was so nice of him to put my needs before his own.  He replied with a “Huh?”

I’ll write a real update after my fingers thaw.


2 responses to “Mad, Mad, Mad

  1. Oh my gosh, what a nightmare! You are certainly handling this better than I would have. It gets so tiring dealing with stupid people and stupid crap. I think your son is right though, bake a pie and eat the whole darn thing. Well, maybe you could save one piece for him…
    Stay warm and hope this mess is straightened out soon.

  2. zenmommasgarden

    We once ran out of oil on Christmas eve. We woke up frozen on the big day. It was my son’s first Christmas too.

    Sorry you’re having crap piled on top of sh*t and loaded up by annoying fools.

    On a happier note, your son sounds like my kind of guy! He’s a smart one. 😀

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