I don’t wanna…

I just don’t wanna.

I slept on clean sheets last night, but I didn’t wanna

I cooked supper all last week, but I didn’t wanna

I promised the kids I’d “try” and bring them to school next week, but I don’t wanna

I have to do everything all by myself even tho, I don’t wanna

I have to be mature and responsible, and I don’t wanna (can you tell?)


I am sick of everything!  I wanna do things I wanna do. 

I wanna sleep for 8 hours a night and not be woken up to blaring gospel music at 6am (thank you Sam and Juli)

I wanna lay in bed and read all day.  Under the covers.

I wanna be taken care of.

I wanna stop worring.

I wanna have fun.  Real fun, not “laura pretending to have fun” kind of fun.

I wanna be with Jeff.

I’m a brat today, sorry.


6 responses to “I don’t wanna…

  1. You’re not a brat. You’re a human.

    One who’s been dealt a bad hand.

  2. Nobody can blame you for not wanting to do any of that…it must seem like more effort than you can possibly muster up. I’ve been reading for a while now…just wanted to say sorry your days are sucky right now.

  3. You get to feel this way whenever you want! (Maybe I’m just saying this because I often feel this way and I don’t have as many reasons to as you do. :P)

  4. Is it possible for you to ask either Jeff’s parents or your parents to come and stay for a few weeks and help take some pressure off you? or even for a good friend to come and stay for a week or two. That way they could maybe help with the cooking and do some drop offs and give some emotional support to help you a little.

  5. A brat? I don’t think so. You *should* be taken care of.

    Hang in there.

  6. I was just looking at my messy kitchen and my pile of laundry thinking the exact same words. “I don’t wanna”. Goodness, I hear ya!

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