This post is number 100.  I can’t belive all that has happened in only 100 posts.  I wanted to write something really cool for post number ONE HUNDRED.  So here goes….

It’s all about YOU!

I can’t believe all of the wonderful support I have gotten from you, you guys have saved me some days.  You’ve made me smile, you’ve made me feel special, you’ve made bad days better.  You are important to me.  Thank you all so much!!  You guys ROCK!!


8 responses to “Gratitude

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and have admired you so much for the way you have picked yourself and your family up and got on with life.

    You really are an inspiration. I always look forward to reading how you’re all doing. Keep your chin up (as we say in the UK!!)

    Charlie x

  2. I hope you realize what a blessing and an inspiration you are to those who read your blog. You are quite a woman.

  3. Congratulations!! You’re doing a wonderful job. Just keep doing it, we’ve come to depend on you!

  4. zenmommasgarden

    YOU are the one who rocks, simply by rolling out of bed each morning. I’m just here for the free hors d’oeuvres. 😉

  5. YOU are a strong women, keep it up, and you are funny too. Laughter the key to every thing. Take Care.

  6. Laura, I had compliment instead of comment day Tues and had lost your URL. I want you to realize just how strong you are. You talk about not wanting to get out of bed, but you do. I assure you, in your situation I would not get out of bed. I’ve been reading you since before your husband died and I’m so impressed by the honesty and truth with which you face everything. I admire you.

  7. I found your site from a Tertia’s site and have been reading out of curiosity. I have one child and fear losing my husband – in an instant, as you say. I had only just heard of another woman with four children who also lost her husband in a car crash – probably 2 weeks before you lost yours. I don’t know her, just that she was the colleague of a colleagues husband and it happened in Australia when he went to pick up his 3 yr old from daycare and was running late, so didn’t bother putting on the seatbelt – well, the car rolled and that was that. I wonder how she is coping too. I wonder how I would cope in this situation. I’m sure that I wouldn’t cope as well as you are – even though you think you are not, you seem to be.

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