So yeah….

Ya know how when your feeling down, and then good things happen, you’re supose to feel better.  and then when all these “good” things keep happening and you don’t feel better, in fact you feel worse.  then you start feeling rotten because you can’t be glad.  and then it just goes on and on…   how’s that for a really bad grammer….  anyways, that’s how i am feeling.  i want to be happy, i want to be glad, but i just can’t do it now.  Oh, well, I’m just not even going to think about it any more.

BUT… two really cool things have happened.  The first is if you google ‘ naughty Laura ‘   I’m number one.  How’s that for cool??  Jeff would be pleased.  He liked it when I was naughty….subject change!!

and the other really cool thing is that Zenmomma from  gave me the “not so perfect award”  Strangely enough, I am so happy to be not so perfect.

wanna see my award???


(for some reason this soo reminds me of my wonderful book club ladies)

 So yeah, life isn’t so bad, really it’s not.

5 responses to “So yeah….

  1. There are times you just can’t be happy. Give yourself that freedom. (((hugs)))

  2. Hi Laura, I have to say congrats on being the #1 Naughty Laura, and Laura Bush is second…tsk, tsk, tsk! Anyway, from another widow who has enjoyed your blog…Kim

  3. love dame edna’s hair, and the twinkles on her glasses, congrat’s!!
    wishing you some sunshine moments today X

  4. Naughty Laura! I love it! You should totally change your name to that!

    Congrats on not being perfect! Nobody likes perfect people!

  5. Yay! I’m glad you like the award. We Not Perfects have got to stick together. Now get that bad boy up on your sidebar and display it proudly. Or not. 😉

    Oh and Naughty Laura. I’m jealous on that.

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