Party time–NOT (editted)

It’s all fun and games until your lovely children throw Ramen noodles all over the house like it’s confetti. 

I’ll be busy for hours picking slimey noodles off the floor, the furnature, and the walls.  Did you know Ramen sticks to walls?  It really does.

Editted to Add:  after 15 min of picking up cold, slimey noodles (gagging just a little bit with each noodle)  We came up with a devine solution to which everyone benefits.  We let the dog in.  Dog LOVE Roman noodles.  If only he could climb the walls ….


5 responses to “Party time–NOT (editted)

  1. WHAT???? Were YOU a part of these shinanigans Laura? You are just going for that “Coolest Mother Of The Year” thing, aren’t you? Ramen Noodles, yuck and gag is right…especially cold and slimmy.
    Love you lots,
    Jen S.

  2. Ugh! Just move!

    Wait can you be the naughty mom AND the coolest? Lucky!

  3. My secret shame: I leave spilled Ramen noodles on the floor until the next day, when they are hardened up and I can sweep them.

    I have a messy four year old and no dog, so my options are limited!

  4. I haven’t had a problem with food on the floor since we got a dog. Perfect solution in my opinion! Now the dog hair problem is another story. Oy!

  5. You must not have a wet/dry vac. (Note to self.) Sounds like those kids might need a couple lashes with a wet noodle. Ha-ha-ha! Hmmmm, maybe getting their sorry little behinds back in school might not be such a bad idea after all.

    Love ya’,


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