Reality-0 Fantacy-1

I’m sorry I’ve neglected you sweet blog.  I’ve been bummed out and sad.  The kids have been monsters (for real) and my house is trashed.  I promise soon I will shake off this dread, like a wet, muddy dog in a white livingroom.  I will.  I can.  and I will have photos, but not of the wet dog or the white living room because I have neither.  White living rooms are for people without kids and with housekeepers.  Maybe I should find my self a housekeeper and perhaps a nanny while I’m at it.  Then I could stay cozy-ed up in bed all day with a good book, and a little bell to ring for dinner, and someone could bring it to me and do the dishes.  Heck… I kind of like this little fantacy game.  Maybe Brad Pitt could be my housekeeper, and wear tight jeans, oh wow. 

Back to the real world… I’ll be back to post soon


3 responses to “Reality-0 Fantacy-1

  1. You definitely deserve a day of pampering. Hope you get a housekeeper and nanny, at least for a day, complete with the bell. Sounds nice to me!

  2. I just found your blog from linking from another one and went back and read all the entries. I just can’t imagine how difficult things must be for you. I think you are doing absolutely wonderful with your life and your children. I really don’t know what else to say except…I am so sorry for your loss.

  3. Nice fantasy, especially the added touch of Brad in jeans – although I thought – maybe Brad 10 years younger, on a hot day in lycra swimming togs just so you can appreciate all the curves and bumps just a little bit more.

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