I hate packing

I’m starting to pack, it’s overwhelming.  There is so much stuff, stuff that usually would mean nothing, now means something.  It’s weird.  I know Jeff will be coming with us, but it still feels like I’m leaving him here.  I’ve been going through his stuff, I can’t make myself get rid of his things.  I found some old family movies, one was from when he read to Juli’s second grade class.  It was soo cute, he dressed like a duck and juggled eggs.  Juli, Sam and Sally sat and watched the whole thing, it was almost like Jeff was reading to them again.  I am so glad I have these things. 

On the Minnesota front… from what I hear my house is coming along beautifully and many people have told me it will be just perfect for our new little family.  I really think I need this fresh start.  I am almost getting excited.  I really just want to snap my fingers and have it be April, I would love to avoid all this work.  It’s nuts. 

I think my future is getting brighter, I hope soon to bask in the sun.


4 responses to “I hate packing

  1. I’m glad to hear that you are *almost* looking forward to the move 😉
    April isnt that far away.
    One question though,
    What will become of the blog? Will it still “be”?

  2. I am so happy for you. I hate packing. Whether it’s a house, or for a trip…or anything really. I wish you the best of futures.

  3. I’ll already dreading the packing & I’m not moving until next spring at the earliest!

    You’re my hero. I wish I could come up and help you pack.

  4. moving sucks. period.
    You are so strong. That sunshine has to come out sometime, doesn’t it?

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