All about the kids

I’ve decided to focus on the things that bring me joy.  For the most part, it’s the kids that bring me so much happiness.  Notice I did say “for the most part”, because it’s also the kids that seriously drive me crazy sometimes and wake me up way too early. 

Lately the kids have been ice skating in the drive way, yes, we have that much ice on our drive way.  But what’s even funnier is that no one has skates that actually fit them.  The kids don’t care though.  They have a blast.

Ben and Juli miss going to school, I try and bring them twice a week, but it’s so much work, and yes, I still have driving anxiety, sometimes it’s not so bad, but other times it really freaks me out.  Joe doesn’t mind missing school because is teacher actually makes him work.  Sam still refuses to go.  They will all be back in school on a regular basis once we get moved.

Sally Anne is just a doll, she can be the sweetest little thing.  She has this really warped sense of humor, just like her dad.  Oh my, she is persistant, she can throw a temper tantrum for an hour.  For real.  It’s a good thing she is cute.

All things considered, the kids are coping as well as can be expected.  Ben has stepped up and been my right hand man.  I feel guilty because I have been counting on him for quite a bit, luckily he doesn’t mind, he is even learning how to cook.  Joe is still pretty moody, but he’s getting better and more open.  I really need to spend more quality time with him.  Juli is doing good, she talks about Jeff all the time she writes and draws pictures of angels.  She does miss having a “guy” around, and she has been having bad dreams lately.  Sam, oh my Sam… He is getting better, but it is slow.  He will “mention” Jeff now, and he will listen when we talk about him, but he’s still so angery.  He is handling his anger better tho.  Thank goodness.  Progesess is what I’m focusing on with him, he is doing much better then he was.  Sally Anne still reminds me on a daily basis that “Daddy is an angel” and that “He will always be wiff us, wight”.  She dreams about Jeff alot. 

Sooo….All things considered the kids are doing pretty well, and having fun.


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