what’s wrong with lists?

Because of my lack of brain cells, I have been keeping a master to-do list.  Which is lovely for keeping me on task, except for the fact that the damn list keeps getting longer instead of shorter.  Everytime I manage to cross something off, I end up adding two more things to do.  It makes me feel discouraged and overwhelmed.  If something as simple as a piece of paper makes me feel bad, why do I keep it?  If it’s not going to bring me joy, or make me feel better why don’t I just throw it away?  I am seriously considering this.  I have been thinking of more creative ways to keep up with important things.  I’ve actually thought of quite a few (one involving post it notes and a blank wall)  but, while I am spending all of my time trying to avoid this to-do list, I’m actually not doing anything at all.  Which, in turn, is not helping things, and in fact makes me feel even worse.  So, I, Laura, the girl that can do anything, is going to make a promise to myself.  Today I am going to cross off as many things as I can from said list, but more importantly, I’m not going to add anything to that damn list.  It’s all about progress, baby steps, and I can handle baby steps.  Right after I take a nap. 


5 responses to “what’s wrong with lists?

  1. I hate list too. I’ll make one and make sub parts and it just gets to involved.

    Like: clean kitchen
    do dishes
    move stuff
    rearrange things
    straighten out cupboards
    wipe off shelves
    throw out food
    list what we need
    go thur basket of papers
    sort into bills/school/scouts/personal
    Do yours get like this or is it just me?
    list are good and bad, but it does help get you through the day.

  2. Heck, I’m still waiting on motivation to make the darn list, so you’re ahead of me!

    I like the thought though, keep it simple!

  3. You could try making a list of just the stuff you need to get done that day, or that weekend. It’s still depressing when you don’t finish it all, but the trick is to be realistic about it. If I get really lucky and finish everything on the list I get a treat! If not, being able to cross off everything except a couple of items still feels good. Heck, sometimes I just put one thing on the list “tonight when you get home from work you are going to do xxx” Because if I think about ALL the stuff I need to do I just get overwhelmed and sit down and don’t do anything.

    I usually have at least 3 or 4 lists going — one for long term projects, one for the day/weekend, one for shopping stuff that’s not critical (like next time I’m at target or home depot don’t forget to pick up xxx). And then the general TO DO — this is the depressing one, but it’s good for organization. It’s the one I use to pull the day/weekend list from. To look at the whole list is icky, but browsing it and choosing what I can get done that weekend is not sooo bad . . . .

  4. You can cheat like I do and make more than one list. Or break it down according to days, or rooms, or like items, whatever. Makes it feel like I accomplish more if I break it down. Have a nap, then do whatever you have to do to just get it done.

  5. I like to think of my lists as flowing and evolving when I cross things off. So what if I never cross off every item? The list is fluid and stuff gets done.

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