Sooo… I am now an official homeowner.  I got to cross all of the assorted tasks related to that.  Horray!  It was a big step to take.  Moving forward on a totally different path then I had planned, but I can do it.  Moving forward on my own was not something I had ever imagined doing.  It is hard to remember all of our shared goals and dreams, and not get so sad.  It’s hard to start over planning a future, a future where things are unsure, a future where things are different.  But a future.  A future where things are new and different for the kids and I.  A future, a start, a begining, all new.  I am both excited and scared.  More importantly though I am hopeful (most of the time)

April is moving month, I am shooting for the first part of the month, because the sooner I move the sooner I get a break from the kids.  As much as I love them monsters, they are slowly sucking every last drop of sanity I have left.  Okay, I do exagerate, but you get the point. 


4 responses to “April

  1. Wow, one list done! What a wonderful thing to look forward to with moving. It will be difficult and rewarding to have a fresh new place to start new memories with the kids.

  2. Congratulations on the house!

  3. Wow how great! Moving can be fun but it’s a ton of work. Good luck!

  4. Congratulations! Here’s to a smooth move and all that. :o)

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