Spelling Bee

I’ve always known how “special” my kids were, but this takes the cake.  I was yelling at the stupid cat and I told said cat I was going to kick his ass.

Sally:  Fwankys ass?  (Frank is the cats name)

Sam:  Moooom Sally said the A.S.S. word

Mom:  Sam, who taught you how to spell ass?

Sam:  It’s cuz I’m smart, mom.

Ben:  It’s not that hard to spell.

Sam: A.S.S.   S.H.I.T.

Mom:  Sam, stop being smart.

All the while Sally is gloating because she got to say a naughty word and didn’t get in trouble.  Sam is confused because he got in trouble for being smart.  Cat is happily licking butter off the counter, glad that he’s not getting his ass kicked.

Sooo.. how did my six year old, that refuses to go to kindergarten learn how to spell swear words?

I’m not sure if I should be proud of his spelling skills or not.


5 responses to “Spelling Bee

  1. OMG that is so funny! Seriously laughing my A.S.S. off at how cute ur kids are!! Can’t wait to have ya home!! Love ya’s!

  2. Oh kids, the joys never cease.
    So if he’s six I have three more years of angelic ignorance?
    Yeah, pipe dreams are fun huh?

  3. thats too too funny!

  4. I guess you could be proud of him for spelling and teach him the alternative meaning: tell him its a donkey! 🙂

  5. I think you should all be proud. :o) They sound like wonderful kids AND they’ve got a kick-A.S.S. mom.

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