Packing makes me Emo

Jeff and I have only moved twice.  Both times were disorganized and rushed.  The whole throw stuff in boxes and run kind of moves.  This time I need to get rid of ALOT of stuff, I am a horrible pack rat.  Getting rid of stuff actually requires you you to go through stuff.  Which brings back memories.  Lots of stuff = Lots of memories = Emo laura. 

I found ticket stubs from the first and only trip Jeff and I ever took without the kids. 

I found my step-dads obituary, he was only 58.  That was such a hard time, watching my mom lose the love of her life.  Watching her adjust to being a widow.

I found the first ring Jeff ever gave me, it was a big smiley face, the kind you get from the gumball mechine.  He put it on my finger and asked me to marry him. 

I keep finding so many things that made me cry, so many things that bring me back to both the happy times and the sad times.  I am on such and emotional roller coaster.  I hate it.  I am seriously tempted to just throw everything in boxes and worry about it later, but I won’t give up on organizing just yet. 

5 responses to “Packing makes me Emo

  1. You don’t have to go thur every thing, Right? Some stuff can wait if it’s to hard. Moving for me with my ex husband was the you only can take so much and put in box and go.(He was very bad at spending money). My current husband and I moved 1 time and it was only 2 blocks but we couldn’t put the stuff in the house until a few days later so it was all in the garage. I still have things from high school out now for almost 13 yrs. It’s hard to get rid of stuff that you have vivid memories on. Thats why we keep things for a long long time. Some of those things like your ring might be neat to write a scrapbook page for(if you do that kind of thing) your kids would like to hear about that kind of stuff. One day at a time, one thing at a time.

  2. Little trinkets like the ones you are finding are things that you will probally keep forever. Its neat how a little ring like that can have so many meanings and so many memories. How these things can take us back to another place and another time. I am the same way. I have a huge box full of little trinkets that to anyone else, would mean nothing, but to me, they mean the world! You are doing so well with everything you are dealing with! Talk to you soon! Love ya!

  3. Maybe now is not the time to make decisions about getting rid of things. Maybe now is only about getting you and the kids where you’re going. I’d vote for throw it in a box and deal with it later.

    Of course I have NO idea what I’m talking about. Ever. So feel free to disregard at your whim. 😉

  4. Bravo for soldiering on! Sometime maybe it’ll be time to throw everything in boxes- I suspect all of the things you mentioned in this post are things you’ll want to keep still, because they are precious to you. But hopefully you’re also finding some things to move away from, and that can be empowering 🙂

  5. Laura,

    I read your entries everyday (came over from Tertia) and though I don’t comment, you leave a mark on my heart with every entry.

    I am aching for you that you have to do this. I pray that you will get through this. You are doing so well.

    Bianca (all the way from South Africa)

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