Getting burned

One of my biggest fears since Jeff died has been the hospital.  For the longest time whenever I drove by the hospital I would have these panic attacks.  I would just get all freaked out.  It would take about 15 mins just to calm myself back down.  Last night I actually had to go INTO the ER. 

Joe, my darling child, decided to do a lovely science expariment in the garage.  Jeff was always right on top of these kinds of learning adventures.  He would always encourage and supervise.  Joe, unconcerned about the lack of supervision decided to take one of those huge water jugs, fill it with aerosol spray, and light it on fire.  Said expariment is supose to suck a hard-boiled egg into the jug.  Instead of sucking the egg, flames shot out of the jug and onto Joes hand and coat.  Being the smart kid he is, he put the flames out by using the nearest mud puddle, the doc was impressed with his fast thinking, I was horified by the thought of infection, Especally because he hid this injury from me for THREE DAYS!  At first he couldn’t even remember which day he burned himself.  Finally, he confessed that he had shown Ben and they had googled “burn care” so after asking Ben we were able to pinpoint the exact date of the incident.  Ben and Joe had been treating the burn the best they could without me finding out.  I was wondering why Joe was being such a good kid, it’s because he was trying to avoid me.  He walked around for days with his hand up his sweatshirt sleeve.  I am such a good mom. 

After discovering his burn, which looked soo bad, I cleaned it and used ointment on it.  If you’d like to see it, pictures are on the flickr site.  At 10:30pm last night I brought Joe to the ER.  I told Joe on the way to town that if I freak out just to give me a hug.  We got there and I did okay.  We sat in the waiting room and I did okay.  When we were walking back to the room, I imagined Jeff laying in one of those rooms and I started to freak out.  I managed to catch myself and after about 15 mins I was okay again, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to work in a hospital again. 

The doc saw Joe, cleaned and scraped his burns, used burn cream and then wrapped it.  Gave Joe a tetnis shot, antibiotics and a prescription for more burn cream and sent us on our way.  We got home at about 3 am.

Joe hopefully learned his lesson.


8 responses to “Getting burned

  1. Wow! I’m happy he’s ok and glad you made it thur. Your son sounds like he just wanted to protect you. My 13 son last week paid his track fee with out asking me for the money thinking I wouldn’t be able to pay(money tight) but what he didn’t know is we have a waver this year so we don’t have to pay any activity fees. The school called and told me what he had done, I explained, they gave him back his money and the secretary said ” I knew I liked your kids but for your son the pay himself with his Christmas money makes me like him even more” I felt proud and ashamed that my son thought he couldn’t ask me. Kids are resilient.
    How are you now? He’s fine, right?

  2. What lesson did he learn exactly? Not to do dangerous science experiments or to tell you about injuries sooner? What a sweetheart he is, trying to protect you! Good job getting through the panic of an ER visit.

    PS – you’re not a bad mother, there’s only one of you and 5 of them. You can’t watch them all the time. Don’t beat yourself up, things will happen to them and they will learn from them. Part of growing up. Hopefully now he will be a LOT more careful about things.

  3. I totally burned myself all the time when I was a kid (burned my bangs clean off once) and almost always hid it from my mom who is a kick-ass mother so if she didn’t notice it, all bets are off.

    Good job on getting through the hospital thing without a panic attack. Everyday you are getting closer and closer to the new normal.

  4. Ouch… glad it wasn’t a 3 degree burn. And like the other poster has said, you aren’t a bad mom. I have 3 kids and it is hard to keep an eye on them all the time, I can’t imagine having 5. You’ve got to give Ben and Joe credit, it’s good that Joe went to Ben and told him what had happened. And it was good that Ben looked up how to take care of the burn and took it upon himself to help his brother. 🙂

    I’m glad you did fine at the hospital. I can imagine in some way how you feel by walking in the ER and seeing Jeff lying there. I am the same way at a funeral home, I can’t go to a wake without seeing my grandfather in the coffin. It will eventually pass. You will get there. You are already moving forward, just keep taking those baby steps. 🙂 Big Hugs!

  5. I just stumbled upon this blog. Wow. You are amazing. You are strong and you’ve been great for your kids. I don’t know you personally, but you will be in my prayers.

  6. Good for you for making it through! Kids seem to do that kind of thing. I had a nephew who poked holes through his eardrums once in order to releive the pressure from an infection- he didn’t want to tell his mom he was sick. it took her a couple days to find out!

  7. Wow, what an awesome boy for not wanting to tell you. You and Jeff have done and amazing job. I think Jeff was “supervising” from above and that was why he got the flames out so quickly.

    Well done on the hospital thing. You did well.

    Hang in there. I am still thinking and praying for you.

  8. I think you sound like an awesome mom. You’ve raised kids who are smart enough to take care of themselves in a crisis. That’s no small thing! And their instinct to protect and nurture you is something to be treasured. You’re all in this together and they recognize that.

    Sorry you had to go through the ER visit. Hey, Universe! Cut this woman some slack please.

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