Stable, boring, dull…

Stable, boring, dull.  That is what I want.  I really don’t like where I am now.  I wish I had a magic wand *poof* and be done.  I’ve been cranky, bitchy, and whiny.  I haven’t been able to sleep, eating is still an issue, and I always have that “tied in knots” feeling.  Laura is not a happy person right now.  Too much to do and not enough time.  Too much to think about.  All I can do is have faith I am making the right move (heehee pun intended) and hope for the best.  It’s a damn good thing I am such an optimistic person. 

Here’s to the grass WILL be greener on the other side.


5 responses to “Stable, boring, dull…

  1. *Hugs*
    Cheers to greener grass!

  2. I’ve never left you a comment before, but I check in on you often. Hang in there. Here’s to hoping that someday when the kids are grown you can look back at this time in your life and be as amazed at your own strength as we are watching you now. Just think of the perspective you’ll be able to give your grown children when they are going thru their own trials. You are and will be a source of strength to those you love for years to come. Here’s to also hoping that you gain strength from others along the way and feel all the love around you.

  3. Laura,

    You sound like you have classic anxiety symptoms (and you certainly have all the causes for them). Which is not to say that you should or should not medicate, but is just to say that the way you feel is totally normal>

  4. It’ll be done soon, hang in there!!!!

  5. 😦 You’ll be ok!

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