Yucky, Sucky Tuesdays

Uuugghhh!!  I am so mad!  I just found out that it will take TEN freaking days for my stuff to reach the new house in MN.  TEN freaking days of living out of suitcases with FIVE kids.  LOVELY!!  It just keeps getting better and better.  Oh well….

I’m heading back to fantacy land where everything is bright and sunny.  See Ya!

3 responses to “Yucky, Sucky Tuesdays

  1. Just pretend that you are all staying at a Cottage for 2 weeks. That may help. It isn’t too bad. Could be worse. 🙂 You will be fine. Big Hugs.

  2. LOL- I was going to suggest camping 🙂

  3. Or maybe pretend you’re contestants on Survivor! No wait, that’s only good if someone gives you a million dollars at the end.

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